Female Character
Modeling from Reference, 3D Sculpting, Geometry Extraction, On-Model Texturing
Autodesk Maya, Pixologic ZBrush

In this study I created a female character based on free reference images from www.got3d.com. I began by setting up the refrences in Maya and constructing a base mesh for the head and then for the body.

Once the head and body were complete I was able to combine the two. Additional geometry was added to the body so that a more even geometry would be obtained inside of ZBrush once higher subdivision levels were created.

The next step was to export the geometry as an OBJ file and then import it to ZBrush. With the mesh inside of ZBrush, I was now able to subdivide and sculpt the initial geometry.

I now was able to extract mesh to use as clothing and sculpt the clothing.

The final step was to paint on the textures for the skin, shirt, and pants.

This workflow from setting up refrences to painting textures was completed in 6-7 hours. From this point the character can recieve additional detail sculpting and be exported and used as a high-poly character, or have normal maps generated inside of ZBrush and used as a low-poly game character.

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